Self-checkout has become a popular option for many shoppers in recent years. It offers a quick and convenient way to pay for your items without having to wait in line. However, not all retailers are embracing this technology. Walmarts in St. Louis and Cleveland have recently made the decision to remove self-checkout from their stores.

Why Remove Self-Checkout?

There are several reasons why Walmart has chosen to remove self-checkout from their stores in St. Louis and Cleveland. One of the main reasons is the issue of theft. Self-checkout can make it easier for dishonest customers to steal items by not scanning them or by scanning cheaper items instead. By removing self-checkout, Walmart hopes to reduce the amount of theft in their stores.

Another reason for the removal of self-checkout is the customer experience. While some customers enjoy the convenience of self-checkout, others find it frustrating and prefer to have a cashier assist them. By removing self-checkout, Walmart aims to improve the overall customer experience and provide better service to their shoppers.

What Will Replace Self-Checkout?

With the removal of self-checkout, Walmart plans to replace it with traditional checkout lanes staffed by cashiers. This will allow customers to have a more personal and efficient checkout experience. Walmart will also be implementing new technology to streamline the checkout process and reduce wait times.

In addition to traditional checkout lanes, Walmart is also exploring the use of mobile checkout options. This would allow customers to scan their items with their smartphones and pay using a mobile payment app. This technology is still in the testing phase, but if successful, it could provide another convenient option for Walmart shoppers.

What Does This Mean for Shoppers?

For shoppers in St. Louis and Cleveland, the removal of self-checkout means that they will no longer have the option to use this technology at their local Walmart stores. However, it also means that they will have access to more traditional checkout lanes staffed by cashiers, which may provide a more efficient and personalized experience.

While some customers may be disappointed by the removal of self-checkout, it’s important to remember that this decision was made in an effort to improve the overall shopping experience and reduce theft. Walmart is constantly looking for ways to better serve their customers, and this change is just one example of their commitment to providing excellent service.

It’s also worth noting that the removal of self-checkout at Walmart stores in St. Louis and Cleveland does not necessarily mean that this technology will be removed from all Walmart stores. Each store location has its own unique set of circumstances and considerations, and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.


The removal of self-checkout from Walmart stores in St. Louis and Cleveland is a decision that aims to improve the customer experience and reduce theft. While some shoppers may be disappointed by the loss of this convenient option, it’s important to remember that Walmart is always striving to provide the best service possible. By replacing self-checkout with traditional checkout lanes staffed by cashiers and exploring new technologies like mobile checkout, Walmart is working to ensure that their customers have a positive and efficient shopping experience.


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