Introduction: Kevin Durant, one of the most talented basketball players of our time, has recently expressed his discomfort with his role in the Phoenix Suns’ offense. As a fan of Durant, it’s disheartening to see him struggle in a team that many thought would be a perfect fit for his skills. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind Durant’s discomfort and discuss possible solutions for him to thrive in Phoenix. read more..

The Challenge of Adjusting to a New Team

Joining a new team can be a daunting task for any player, even someone as talented as Durant. The Phoenix Suns have a well-established system and a roster filled with talented players. Durant’s struggle to find his place in the offense could be attributed to the challenge of adjusting to a new team. Read more High-Profile Corruption Case: Russian Official Ivanov Faces Sanctions

When a player joins a new team, they need time to build chemistry with their teammates and understand the coach’s offensive philosophy. Durant’s style of play is unique, and it may take some time for his teammates to fully understand how to utilize his skills effectively.

Playing Second Fiddle to Devin Booker

One of the main reasons Durant might be uncomfortable in Phoenix is his role as the second option behind Devin Booker. Durant is used to being the primary scoring option on his previous teams, and adjusting to a secondary role can be difficult.

Booker is an exceptional player in his own right, and the Suns’ offense often revolves around his scoring ability. This shift in dynamic might be challenging for Durant, who is accustomed to being the focal point of the offense. It’s important for the coaching staff to find a balance that allows both Durant and Booker to thrive.

Strategies for Durant’s Success in Phoenix

While Durant’s discomfort is understandable, there are strategies that the Phoenix Suns can implement to help him find his groove in the offense. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Communication and Collaboration

Open lines of communication between Durant, Booker, and the coaching staff are crucial. By discussing their roles and finding ways to complement each other’s strengths, the team can create a more cohesive offensive strategy. Durant’s versatility allows him to contribute in various ways, and finding ways to maximize his impact will benefit the team as a whole.

2. Utilizing Durant’s Unique Skill Set

Durant possesses a unique combination of size, shooting ability, and basketball IQ. The Suns should explore different ways to utilize his skills within their offensive sets. This could involve running more plays that cater to Durant’s strengths, such as off-ball screens, pick-and-pops, or isolations in favorable matchups.

3. Establishing a Clear Offensive Hierarchy

Clarifying the offensive hierarchy within the team can help Durant feel more comfortable in his role. By clearly defining the pecking order and ensuring that everyone understands their responsibilities, the team can minimize any confusion or friction. This will allow Durant to focus on his game without worrying about his place within the offense.


Kevin Durant’s discomfort with his role in the Phoenix Suns’ offense is a challenge that the team needs to address. By fostering communication, utilizing Durant’s unique skill set, and establishing a clear offensive hierarchy, the Suns can help Durant find his groove and contribute to the team’s success. With time and adjustments, Durant has the potential to thrive in Phoenix and showcase his exceptional talent once again.


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